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AGROPHARMACY’s mission is to revitalize farming soil, produce organic, toxin-free crops, and meet the increasing global demand for agricultural sustainability initiatives.

At AGROPHARMACY, our network of industry experts have redefined the process of restoring depleted soil. Through extensive field research and trials in different countries, our agronomists have been able to replicate the natural biology that inhabits pure, untreated, black soil. By adopting these microorganisms into our patented practice, AGROPHARMACY introduces AGROPHARM – the organic solution to soil and crop protection, annual growth and natural restoration upon the completion of every crop cycle.

The use of AGROPHARM on the ground increased the content of humus substances and some other important indicators in the soil. Made for market, AGROPHARM is distributed in liquid form and can be applied via spray application – as a biofertilizer for large farming initiatives or small scale residential use – with or without the inclusion of plant protection agents.

AGROPHARM ONE is the real alternative to mineral fertilizers because of which the soil is degrading. It is food for both our microbial community of AGROPHARM and plants.

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