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Our products do not contain artificial or chemically engineered elements, GMOs or radionuclides. The molecular particle compound provides unhindered transport of nutrients directly to the plant cells. They are backed by long-term application results, laboratory research, and field trials in various climates and countries.

AGROPHARM revives used soil and acts as a transport, connecting natural microelements to plants. It is liquid in form and is simple to apply by spraying. It can be stored for up to 2 years. AGROPHARM can be used as a biofertilizer with or without plant protection agents. It can be used in every type of farming, whether one is dealing with large fields, or house plants.

AGROPHARM ONE is our premium, highly-concentrated liquid, organic fertilizer. It is a highly-effective, natural, anti-stress adoptogen, capable of mobilizing the natural protective behavior of plants and reveal the plants maximum genetic potential.

AGROPHARM ONE is compatible with all industry equipment and agrochemicals. By implementing AGROPHARM, users will be able to report on improved crop yields. The application rate varies with each treatment from one to three liters per hectare (0,20- 0,80 gal. per 2,5 acre) during spraying and up to five or seven (1- 1,5 gal.) via drip irrigation. The rate is adjusted depending on soil quality, crop type, climate and other factors. AGROPHARM ONE serves as an anti-stress adoptogen to prevent negative developments in plants affected by drought, frost, pest control, disease, low light and other natural elements.

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